Lavender Tea Pot 1.1 l

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About this product

An ideal gift for a tea lover! The beautiful teapot will delight you and your loved ones! Interior details are of great importance. They reflect the overall style of the kitchen, make life more comfortable. A teapot is an essential part of any tea ceremony. Inside the teapot, the tea brews steeps and enriches with flavor and aroma as well as health benefits. Bone China stands out due to the following: Beautiful design & Uniqueness – The blindingly-white background, the finest, airy material, the rich luster of glaze, the elegant patterns make bone china look elegant and unique. Eco-friendly & Safe material – Made of high-grade new bone china. Practical qualities – The material is extra-strong to prevent scratches. The elegant lightness, sturdiness, and unusual impressive style of products make them not only beautiful but also perfectly strong for everyday use. Dimensions 6.57 х 5.16 х 9.84" (16.7 х 13.1 х 25 cm) Dishwasher safe Microwave safe

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