Double Wall Glass Thermos

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About this product

This thermos features a special filter that allows you to brew tea and herbs directly inside the thermos, preventing tea leaves from entering the cup. The screw-on lid fits tightly, ensuring a reliable seal. The double walls of the thermos can keep your beverages warm for up to 5 hours, providing warmth during cold seasons. It is also excellent for preparing refreshing cold drinks during hot summers. Made of high-quality glass – It is the most hygienic material. Glass does not absorb odors and is inert towards food products. Safe for kids and adults. Practical properties – Glass products are easy to care for. It is scratches resistant, not changing, deforming, or rusting during the time. Good with detergents. 8.7 х 3.15 х 3.15" (22 х 8 х 8 cm); Neck width: 2.8" (7 cm) 13.2 fl oz (390 ml)

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