Yunnan Pu-Erh Black Tea

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Pu-Erh or Pu-er teas are teas whose leaves after fermentation are re-hydrated, to enable a further fermentation; they are called post-fermented teas. Traditionally, after production, these teas called Sheng Pu Erhs were stored in cool cellars or pressed and wrapped either in bamboo leaves or in special paper and then dug in the ground for up to 50 years. Our quality belongs to the Sh(o)u Pu Erhs and is the most popular and best-sold worldwide. The aging process
takes place directly already at the estate facility thanks to huge ventilators that regulate temperature and humidity. When this tea reaches your cup it is not older than 1 year. The dark to light brown Sinensis leaf develops a strongspicy and earthy taste and - depending on the drawing time - an earthy and woody flavor. The infusion has a dark red color.

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