Tea Subscription

We're proud to offer you a Teabird Subscription that allows you to give yourself or your loved ones a gift of tea throughout the year. Every other month, we select tea we deem as the most remarkable for the season, and deliver it to your doorstep.

A special tea card with a brief introduction as well as its steeping recommendations accompanies each tea. In a year's time, you will sample many of fine teas as well as experience a wide variety of the vast treasures of tea. To take advantage of our exquisite selections, and the convenience of receiving it throughout the year, join our Teabird Subscription, and explore the world of tea with a friendly guide and your fellow tea lovers.

The "Six Month" subscription will bring a premium selection of tea to you every other month for six months. With each shipment you will receive approximately 1-2 ounces of tea, and a special tea card with the information about that particular tea as well as steeping recommendations. This subscription entitles you to a 10% discount on all tea selections in our store during your membership. You also will receive a free gift from us along with your first tea shipment.

The 2021 tea schedule is:

January - Black Tea
March - Pu-Erh
May - Herbal Tea
July – Green Tea
September - Oolong
November - Fruit Tea



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the club?
Click on the above links to individual plans and add it to your shopping cart.

Can I join the club any time of the year?
Yes, any time is a good time to join. Your yearly subscription commences the month following your enrollment date, and lasts an entire year.

What should I expect in the mail after I purchase the membership?
You will receive an email acknowledgment instantaneously. In a week or two you will receive a Teabird Subscription confirmation card in the mail. Your first shipment of tea comes with your free gift. And in each shipment, you will find approximately 1-2 ounces of tea, and a special tea card with the information about that particular tea as well as steeping recommendations.

Can I give the membership as a gift?
Absolutely! This will make the most wonderful gift, as it will delight your loved ones or your most treasured friends through out the year. If you have a gift message, you can enter it in the message box (denoted as "Special Handling Message") on the order form at checkout. The special Teabird Subscription confirmation card with your gift message will be sent to the recipient in a couple of days.

If I had a year's membership before, would I gain any thing from another year of membership? 
Definitely! Although we may keep to a similar schedule for the type of tea offered each month, the particular tea that is selected for that month will differ from year to year, depending on which tea we deem as the month's best. Even when the selection of some months happens to be the same as the previous year, you will find that teas are never quite the same.

How do I renew my membership?
Email or phone us with your name, address (if changed). Or click here to send an email to renew.

How do I share my tea experience and help to improve the program?

  • Email us; we'd love to hear from you!
  • Review the monthly tea selections. Share your steeping notes. Help others experience the nuances of each tea by varying infusion methods.
  • Join a discussion of this month's tea on our Facebook page.