Onomea Hawaii Premium Black Tea

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This award-winning tea is another fantastic example of a rare, USA-grown organic tea. It recently won a gold medal in the USA-grown tea category of the Global Tea Championships. With its beautiful long delicate twists, this premium black tea creates an extremely smooth, fragrant cup. Cultivated on the shores of Hawaii, this tea is harvested and manufactured in micro-lots by the Onomea Tea Company on the Big Island. Established at only 200 ft above sea level, the tea garden is situated in a picturesque location on a small peninsula that juts into the Pacific Ocean -- absorbing the salty breezes and mineral rich, volcanic soil.

The handpicked, organic loose leaf tea is a blend of leaf from several different varietals and picking dates. After manufacture, the micro-lots are then hand blended by proprietors Rob and Mike to create an exclusive blend for Arbor Teas that has a lovely, complex character. The carob-brown brew is wonderfully clear and bright. The cup is deliciously aromatic offering a taste of the mineral-rich soil, layered with a hint of sweet toffee that lingers on the tongue and develops into a subtle chocolate malt with fruity notes.

Ingredients: organic USA black tea

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